Joint Contracts Tribunal will launch versions of agreement for contractors and specialists in November

The Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) is to publish a contract for pre-construction services. The agreement, which will be available from November, will have separate versions for the appointment of a general contractor and a specialist for pre-construction services.

The Pre-Construction Services Agreement (General Contractor)(PCSA) is designed for the interim appointment of a general contractor by the employer to carry out pre-construction services, under a two-stage tendering procedure.

The appointment follows first stage tenders and covers the period leading up to the contractor’s submission of a definitive second stage tender and entry into the main contract for the construction phase.

The JCT says the appointment will enable the contractor to assist the consultant team with the development of detailed designs and development of the main contract works and specialist tender documents.

The Pre-Construction Services Agreement (Specialist)(PCSA/SP) is designed for the interim appointment of a specialist to carry out pre-construction services for either the employer or the actual or prospective main contractor.

This version of the agreement is likely to be used on substantial or complex projects prior to entry into subcontracts for construction or installation work.

Either version of the agreement can be used whether or not the specialist or contractor is to be responsible for design work. However, unless otherwise agreed in the provision of services, any liability will only arise once a contract for the construction works is executed or, additionally, in the case of a specialist, a collateral warranty with the employer has been executed.

It can also be used by both private and local authority employers.

Both versions of the agreement are designed for use on projects where it is intended to use as the main contract the JCT Standard Building Contract, Design and Build Contract, Major Project Construction Contract, Management Building Contract or either version of the Intermediate Building Contract 2005, and also to use their related subcontracts.