Any overspends must be paid for by cutbacks in other areas, says minister

Olympics minister Tessa Jowell has warned that no extra money will be spent on Olympic Park and other preparations for 2012 beyond the £9.3bn already allocated.

Speaking to the BBC, she said that any overspending on projects for the London Olympics would be balanced by scaling back in other areas.

The costs of preparing for 2012 have already almost quadrupled from the original figure of £2.4bn estimated at the time of the bid.

Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell
Jowell: "no more money"

Jowell has called a halt to the spiralling of costs, telling the BBC: "Within the overall ceiling of £9.325bn there's no more money. The budget cannot be exceeded because there is no more money.

"If we have to find more money for a particular aspect of the programme, then savings will have to be effected elsewhere and everybody involved in the programme understands that."