London mayor to offer homeowners phone advice, free website and environmental ‘concierge’ service

Ken Livingstone today unveiled a green homes service for the capital in order to radically reduce the emissions from London properties.

The green homes service will consist of a free telephone advice line, a free website and a paid-for green ‘concierge’ service to provide homeowners with carbon saving improvement advice. This service will cost £199 for annual membership. Livingstone claimed the average household will save £300 of they carry out the programme.

Nicky Gavron

Nicky Gavron, Deputy Mayor of London, said: 'The Green Concierge Service launched today across London is hassle free and easy-to-use because it is tailored to each household’s needs. And it will save tonnes of the carbon emissions which are causing climate change.

The launch was praised by Friend of the Earth, who last week published a report claiming that emissions from houses could be slashed by 80% by 2050.

Dave Timms, FOE homes campaigner said: “We are delighted that the Mayor of London's groundbreaking climate strategy is now becoming a reality. Many Londoners are keen to do their bit to tackle climate change and cut their energy bills, but their efforts are frustrated by lack of advice and a maze of schemes and contractors. The Mayor’s green homes service will start to take the hassle out of going green.