Contractor's building maintenance arm prepares to maintain 16,000 council homes over 10 years

Kier Building Maintenance (KBM) has been selected to carry out £600m worth of repairs and maintenance for North Tyneside's 16,000 council houses over the next 10 years.

KBM will now go through the final stage of the EU procurement process necessary for a joint-venture partnering contract with the council.

Around 500 council employees will be transferred to KBM via TUPE when the discussions reach final close.

KBM already manages and runs two of the largest repairs and maintenance housing contracts in the country: one for £650m in Sheffield, and one for £400m in Stoke.

Its managing director, Peter Brynes, said: “This size and type of contract is exactly the kind that KBM is best planed to manage.”

The elected mayor of North Tyneside, Linda Arkley, said she thought KBM would deliver a better service at lower cost for residents.