20,000m2 building complex features passive and active design measures to minimise energy consumption

• Architectural and educational landmark
• 20,000m2 building complex
• Green oasis forms the heart of the school
• Double roof structure helps minimise solar glare
• Project is on course for a Gold LEED accreditation

Architect Penoyre and Prasad’s design for Kings College School in Dubai responds to the client’s vision for an architectural and educational landmark.

Free from some of the financial and spatial constraints affecting school design in the UK, it allowed the architects an opportunity to apply best practice thinking to create an international education campus, tailor-made for modern Dubai.

King’s College Dubai by Penoyre and Prasad

A strong organisational diagram encompasses an early years centre, and primary and secondary school accommodation for 2100 students beneath a dramatic and unifying roofscape.

The 20,000m² building complex forms part of a broader site masterplan that includes an Olympic sized swimming pool, playing fields and housing for 200 staff.

A green oasis forms the heart of the school; a place where the whole school can gather.

The school maximises the use of ICT and multimedia, while allowing for future technological and pedagogical change.

Short-term flexibility and long-term adaptability is at the core of the design, promoting flexible teaching, personalised learning and interdepartmental collaboration.

King’s College Dubai by Penoyre and Prasad

Passive and active design measures are incorporated to minimise energy consumption. A double roof structure with large overhangs helps minimise solar glare and overheating whilst allowing large expanses of glass to provide naturally lit classrooms and good views. A concrete frame provides thermally stability, grey and black water is recycled for irrigation, and solar panels provide hot water.

The project is on course for a Gold LEED accreditation.

Penoyre and Prasad were appointed in January 2008 following a limited competition.

A fast track programme will start on site in September 2008 and open to students in September 2009.