Laing has denied claims that it will sell its housing division after it completes the sale of Laing Construction to concrete subcontractor O'Rourke.
Laing Homes chairman Steve Lidgate said: "No offers for Laing Homes are being sought or encouraged and we are not talking to anyone about the sale of the company."

Laing also issued a statement denying the claims to the stock exchange.

The reports, stemming from a UBS Warburg research note, said that Laing would sell the housing arm after the construction sale was finalised. The reports also claimed that the business would be worth £300-350m.

The note argued that the proceeds from the sale should go into PFI deals, an area Laing wants to exploit.

Laing Homes accounts for about 70% of the group's pre-tax profit, and last year made £47m. Laing Construction lost £88.9m in the same period, including a £40m write-off for loss-making contracts.

Lidgate said Laing Homes was a successful brand and one of the few for which customers were willing to pay a premium.

A company spokesman said that although selling Laing Homes might make sense to some shareholders, the group had a business to run.

The spokesman said the sale of the construction arm was expected to be completed in two weeks.

He confirmed that the debacle over the purchase of Morrison's construction arm by AWG, formerly Anglian Water, had delayed matters, as revealed in Building last week.

He said: "It certainly didn't help matters."