Collaboration with Carbon Trust creates first of a kind

Supplier, Marshalls, is set to become the firm with the largest number of carbon labelled products.

The landscaping firm has been working with the Carbon Trust over the last 18 months. As of this month, all 503 of the company's projects will be marked with the Carbon Trust's official Carbon Reduction label. The label shows the amount of carbon emitted in producing the products, including energy expended through travel and manufacture.

Marshalls group market director, Chris Harrop, said he was proud of the achievement of labelling the whole range:

"Labelling a few products allows consumers to see the carbon footprint, but it limits the options in terms of choosing a product with a smaller footprint if there's nothing to compare it to."

Carbon Trust head, Tom Delay, said that Marshalls' decision "bridged the gap between a carbon conscious business and its consumers."

Carbon labelling rose to prominence when Walkers began labelling the carbon content of their crisps.