Dramatic incident - the second major crane failure for Lend Lease in a month - captured on video by passer by

The dramatic collapse of a Lend Lease crane at a building site in central Sydney was caught on video by passers by.

The crane at the site of the University of Technology’s (UTS) new building caught fire earlier today before its boom collapsed, smashing into a neighbouring building.

Nearby office worker Matthew McGee-Collett, told the Sydney Morning Herald: “I actually heard a loud crashing noise and at first I thought a large truck had had some sort of accident, perhaps carrying some sort of load. “When I went to the balcony of my office to look I could see the crane on the UTS site nearby had collapsed and there was a fire raging on it.”

Last month, Lend Lease had to battle to secure a crane at one of its city centre sites in New York after the crane was damaged by super storm Sandy.

A spokesperson for Lend Lease said the two incidents were “completely unrelated”.

She added: “Lend Lease confirms that an incident involving a crane has occurred at the University of Technology (UTS) Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT) construction project in Broadway, Sydney.No one has been injured as a result of the incident.

“Lend Lease is working closely with emergency services and relevant authorities to manage the incident.”

Sydney Crane collapse