Award-winning Lincolnshire scheme, a four bedroom house which requires no central heating, put on the market by local architect Harrall

An award winning eco-home is up for sale in Lincolnshire. The Long Sutton Work/Life Project is a four-bedroom home that requires no central heating, mechanical ventilation or fossil fuels and costs a fraction of a conventional home to run and maintain.

The scheme has won a plethora of awards, including the Eco Self-Build Award in 2003 and has been named the Sustainable Building of the Year by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors in 2005.

The house includes two office buildings, gym, outbuildings, netted vegetable plot, basketball pitch, orchards, eating deck and Mediterranean garden. The property was designed, built and occupied by Dr Jeremy Harrall and his family alongside the SEArch Architects office. Learnign from the scheme formed part of Dr. Harrall’s Doctoral Research in sustainability.

Internal temperatures have been maintained above 18ºC without central heating since the buildings occupation five years ago. Careful orientation throughout the year, combined with heavy construction and extra insulation have enabled the buildings to gain and retain heat.

The need for artificial lighting is also reduced with large areas of South-facing glazing; ensuring natural light is used effectively. The building has also been run off locally manufactured bio-diesel.