The commission brings together industry heads, trade associations and experts

Mace, CBRE and Forth Ports are among major firms to have joined a new Inclusive Growth Commission which aims to provide practical solutions to the lack of growth in the UK economy. 

Trade associations Make UK and the Association of British Insurers are also members of the commission which brings together businesses with experts from academia and think tanks.

Organisers says the Inclusive Growth Commission will develop “practical ideas” to address the challenge of a lack of growth in the UK economy which it describes as a “systemic issue” dating back to the global financial crash of 2008. 


Incoming Mace deputy chief executive Jason Millett is part of the initiative

Over the next 12 months it will bring together its “commissioners” to make proposals in the areas of investment, project delivery, work, health and skills.  

“The delivery of good quality infrastructure is essential to ensuring economic growth in the UK,” said Jason Millett, incoming deputy chief executive of Mace.

“We look forward to working with other commission members to improve how the UK funds and deliver major infrastructure projects right across the country.”

Charles Hammond, the CEO of Forth Ports added: “Creating the conditions to future-proof UK infrastructure and increase domestic productivity are key to ensure that new green industries of tomorrow and their value chains are firmly rooted within these shores. This will spread the prosperity of trade to the communities surrounding ports.” 

Others who have signed up include Manchester Airport Group, Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and the Fabian Society.