PM speaking at housing conference this afternoon

theresa may

Outgoing prime minister Theresa May is set to urge the sector to deliver an increased number of social homes in a speech later today.

May (pictured), who is set to make a surprise appearance at the Chartered Institute of Housing conference later this afternoon, will also call for new design standards to ensure high-quality homes and further tenant rights.

She is also expected to set out next steps on the Social Housing Green Paper agenda, with an action plan expected in September.

May is expectected to reiterate that the quality of housing must not be compromised by the drive to build more homes.

She will call for new regulations to mandate developers to build higher-quality housing, as while some local authorities make Nationally Described Space Standards a condition of granting planning permission, many do not.

Mandatory regulations would be universal, and provide a clear, national standards – potentially leading to increased housebuilding.

May will say: “I cannot defend a system in which owners and tenants are forced to accept tiny homes with inadequate storage. Where developers feel the need to fill show homes with deceptively small furniture.

“The lack of universal standards encourages a race to the bottom.”

May is also set to confirm plans to end so-called “no-fault” evictions, with a consultation to be published shortly.