The Major Contractors Group has carried out a workforce audit that has revealed that two-thirds of its members hold CSCS cards.
The audit has also revealed that of directly employed workers, 82% held the cards.

The number of indirectly employed workers who were recorded as holding CSCS cards was lower at 57%.

The MCG set a target of the end of 2003 to achieve a fully qualified workforce on all construction sites where an MCG member is the principal contractor. Having missed this target, the MCG is not expected to set a fresh one.

Brian May, the MCG's health and safety working group chairman, said that excellent progress has been made towards achieving a fully qualified workforce.

He said: "Obviously we have to work in partnership with companies to try to improve on the figures and drive the amount of qualified indirectly employed workers to a higher level."

May said the Office of Government Commerce had helped the situation when it announced in December last year that government departments should take into account the levels of qualified workers when awarding contracts.