Vent-Axia has added the Sentinel Kinetic Plus to its Sentinel Kinetic range of residential mechanical ventilation with heat recovery systems

Designed for larger new-build properties and light commercial applications, the Sentinel Kinetic Plus supplies a maximum airflow of 400m3/hr at 150Pa. Made in the UK, as part of the Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon initiative, the Sentinel Kinetic Plus is a ventilation solution that is SAP Appendix Q eligible.

The whole house, multi-room ducted solution combines supply and extract ventilation in one unit. Warm, moist air is extracted from “wet” rooms through ducting and passed through the heat exchanger before being exhausted to the outside. Fresh incoming air is preheated via the integral heat exchanger which recovers up to 92% of the heat energy that would otherwise be wasted, claims the company.

The unit’s energy-saving Vent-Axia LoWatt DC motors further improve efficiency, with a claimed specific fan power for the Sentinel Kinetic Plus of 0.49W/l/s.