Climate change minister to empower local councils to makeover homes and promises to keep Carbon and Energy Saving Trust

Climate change minister Ed Miliband pledged to hand power to local authorities to green existing housing if Labour was handed power.

Speaking as part of a sustainability roadshow last Friday (30 April) Miliband said councils should form alliances with energy companies to fund energy efficient makeovers. The partnership would allow extra funding to be ploughed into such schemes, Miliband said.

"This will combine reductions energy companies need to make with local authorities need to cut carbon via carbon budgets," Miliband said. "We are saying to local authorities you will now be the people in charge of this work with energy companies."

Miliband also pledged to retain green quangos the Carbon Trust and the Energy Saving Trust, which could both be under threat if the Conservatives come into power. He said that both bodies have "very important roles going forward."

Miliband claimed there was a real choice on green issues at Thursday's election. "I worry about the impact of the Tories on onshore renewables, which has to be part of the solution. I worry about scepticism within the ranks of the Conservatives. And I worry about the impact (of the Conservatives) on Europe. We need to be strong in Europe to push for an ambitious agreement at future climate conferences."

Miliband was speaking at the offices of National Energy Services (NES) in Milton Keynes on Friday. It was part of a green election roadtrip with Age of Stupid film director and 10:10 campaign founder Franny Alexander.