The following made their forturne in the built environment and are worth betweeen £155m and £52m according to the Sunday Times Rich List

516th Robert Carter and family - £155m
The carter family chaired by Robert, 54, owns Norwich-based RG Carter.
2007: 417th, £172m

578th Duncan Davidson and family - £137m
Founder of Persimmon's stake has halved in last year.
2007: 301st, £245m

616th Derek Mickel and family - £125m
Owners of Glasgow-based housebuilder Mactaggart & Mickel
2007: 700th, £100m

634th Mike Walker and family - £124
Walker owns two construction firms in Edinburgh, Walker Holdings (Scotland) and Westerwood.
2007: 566th, £123m

636th Ron Jelley and family - £123m
Family has stake in Leicester housebuilder Jelson Holdings.
2007: 574th, £120m

642nd Jonathan Hitchings and family - £121m
Jonathan is chairman of Cheltenham-based Robert Hitchens Group.
2007: 119m, 604=

644th Bill Robertson and family - £120m
Scotland-based contruction business Robertson Group is made up of three firms.
2007: 949th, £70m

693rd John Seddon and family - £118m
Cheshire-based Seddon Group also manages golf clubs.
2007: 652nd, £107m

701st Tony Pidgley - £115m
His stake in Berkeley is now valued at £23m.
2007: 566th, £123m

701st Dick Watson and family - £115m
Watson benefitted from the sale of Keepmoat for £783m last August.
2007: 949th, £70m

717th The Brett Family - £112m
Robert Brett & Sons is a Canterbury-based construction and building materials group.
2007: 619th, £112m

724th Johnny and Patsy Byrne - £110m
Londong builder Byrne Group worked on Arsenal’s Emirates stadium and No 1 court at Wimbledon.
2007: 834th, £80m

724th Sir Fraser and Gordon Morrison - £110m
Ex-directors of Morrison Construction which was taken over by AWG in 2000.
627th, £110m

759th Richard Higgins - £105m
Heads up Essex-based builder Higgins group.
2007: 659th, £105m

845th Edelin Davies - £98m
Wealth comes from Loughborough building contractor William Davis.
2007: 557th, £125m

854th Michael and John Taggart - £95m
Run Belfast-based Taggart homes.
2007: 608th, £115m

871st Irving Weaver - £92m
Weavers Doncaster-based strata building group in worth £85m.
2007 645th, £109m

879th John Muir - £90m
Owns the Ayr-based construction group JW Muir.
2007: 777th, £90m

915th Stephen and Paul Harrison £87m
Brothers Paul and Stephen Harrison run Northallerton-based Harron Homes.
2007: 793rd, £87m

924th Michael Masterson - £85m
Construction business Masterson Holdings is based in Hemel Hempstead.
2007: 690th, £102m

924th Glyn Watkin Jones - £80m
Glyn is handing over Banger builder Watkin Jones to his son Mark.
2007: 896th, £75m

969th Rick Willmott - £80m
Hertfordshire based builder Willmott Dixon is worth about £150m.
2007: 834th, £80m

And finally...
1415th Lord and Lady Rogers - £52m
The architect is a new entry this year but has some way to go before he catches up with Sir Norman Foster