A pool table with a dart board on the bottom which you use by folding up the table. What a find! The tricky thing has been getting it delivered to Burgundy where we are staying for the summer hols (and where it will live). It’s due to arrive in a few days. (I’m emailing this from the local McDonald’s which is the only place with free Wi-Fi for miles).

What’s your favourite website?

For most of July it was www.letour.fr for up-to-date coverage of Mark Cavendish blowing away the sprint opposition in the Tour de France.

Most played iTune?

It seems that it is Decades by Joy Division - not the most upbeat ditty but there you go.

What’s your worst digital habit?

Incoming emails make a bird sound on my phone - annoys the hell out of people in the office.

Do you do much social networking?

I’m still living in the phone age to be honest.

Nigel Ostime is director at architect 3D Reid