The New Millennium Experience Company has launched an internal investigation into all 2000 contracts awarded on the dome.

A spokesperson for the NMEC said: “This investigation follows allegations made by present and former employees of the NMEC and contractors that fraudulent claims were made on contracts.” Last month, the Metropolitan Police launched an investigation into an allegation that an electrical contractor had overcharged NMEC by up to £50 000 for maintenance work in one of the dome’s zones (22 September).

The internal probe will include the dome’s construction contracts and is being carried out by a team of forensic accountants from PriceWaterhouseCoopers. The firm was brought in to audit the dome’s finances by David James, the NMEC’s chairman.

The NMEC spokesperson added that if any incidences of financial wrong-doing were unearthed, the information would be passed to Scotland Yard.

The Metropolitan Police investigation centres on a manager in the dome’s procurement team, who lived at an address owned by a shareholder in an electrical company that was awarded a six-figure contract at the dome.

The investigation continues.