Olympic team hopes to achieve latest goals two years before 2012 opening ceremony

The Olympic Delivery Authority has announced the next set of milestones it aims to achieve during the next phase of constructing the venues and infrastructure for the 2012 Games.

It is hoped the 10 milestones, known as “the big build: structures”, will be delivered by 27 July 2010, exactly two years before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

The 10 new milestones are:

  • The structure of the Olympic stadium, including the roof, will be complete. The first seats will be fitted
  • The aquatics centre's permanent structure and roof will be complete and all three swimming pools will be dug out
  • The velodrome's structure and roof will be complete, with work about to start on installing the timber track
  • The structure of the international broadcast centre and multi-storey car park will be finished, with roof and wall cladding well underway. The main press centre's structure will be nearing completion.
  • The handball arena and basketball arena structures will be in place, with internal works underway. Building work will have begun on the new Eton Manor sporting facilities.
  • The majority of the Olympic Village homes will be structurally finished and internal works will have started.
  • All major infrastructure needed to support the development will be complete.
  • All works will be complete at the Eton Dorney rowing venue. The new lake and competition courses at Broxbourne white water canoe centre will be finished, with the facilities building almost complete. A planning application will have been submitted for the shooting facilities at the Royal artillery barracks.
  • More than half of the new bridges and underpasses will be complete and parts of the Olympic park loop road in operation. Planting will have begun across the park.
  • The energy centre, primary substation, main sewer and deep sewer pumping station will all be operational.
  • All major transport improvements will be in progress or complete, and the next level of detailed planning for transport operations during the Games will have been completed.

John Armitt, the ODA chairman, said: 'The milestones are challenging as we are working to a very tight schedule, but it is important that we are transparent and accountable for the significant public investment in the project. In this way the public can judge progress for themselves.'

Over the past two years, the ODA has set out what it plans to achieve during different phases of the project.

The first 10 steps were known as “demolish, dig, design”, which focused on preparing the site for the main construction of the venues. The second 10 were the first phase of the “big build”, which focused on putting in place the foundations of the main venues. Both sets of milestones have now been delivered.

The Olympic park will be transformed during the coming year as the venues for the Games continue to take shape. The structures of the main sporting venues on the park, as well as the majority of homes in the Olympic Village will have been completed by 27 July next year.