The ODA are in discussions about handing over responsibility for some or all of the £300m legacy transformation works

The Olympic Delivery Authority’s new chief executive confirmed this week that the body may wind up as early as spring 2013 after passing on responsibility for the post games transformation of the Olympic park to another agency.

Speaking to Building magazine, Dennis Hone said the ODA was in detailed discussions with the OPLC, which is in charge of the regeneration of the Olympic park after the Games, about handing over responsibility for some or all of the £300m in legacy transformation works.

Hone said: “The discussion we’ve been having with OPLC is whether, if they took on some of the transformation work, they could then put them alongside legacy works they have in mind anyway.

“OPLC and ODA are looking at the principles of this, and so far there’s been very good feedback from both boards.”

The news comes as the ODA began a search for contractors this week for the first two transformation jobs, worth over £100m.

This procurement will be run in parallel with discussion over who will be in control of the work, with the contract novated to the OPLC if it takes over.

The jobs will include overseeing the removal all of the temporary venues, the transformation of the parklands, and delivery of plans for infrastructure. In addition it will include reworking those venues not covered by existing contracts for their long-term use after the Games.

As well as construction work, the winning bidder will have to take on some design and technical services, and a possible construction management role, particularly over existing contracts for temporary venues.