A section of the Olympic Village has been closed off after a worker suffers a suspected broken arm

Part of the Olympic site has been shut down after a worker fell from scaffolding.

A scaffolder working on the No.1 block in the athlete’s village fell three metres and has been taken to hospital. An air ambulance arrived at the site as a precaution, but the man was taken to hospital in an ordinary ambulance.

Bovis confirmed that it is the contractor on the block involved but could not say whether the worker was a Bovis employee. Work on the block stopped while an investigation took place but has now started again.

An ODA spokesperson said: “At approximately 10am this morning a scaffolder working on the Olympic Village site fell a short distance, sustaining a suspected broken arm.”

“The on-site medical team attended immediately, quickly followed by the ambulance service who have driven the worker to hospital for further treatment. The incident is being thoroughly looked into to ensure the high safety record we have achieved across the site so far is maintained.”