Universal Aluminium Systems has introduced a high performance patio door

Whereas conventional patio door systems have an average water ingress rating of around 200Pa, the new Universal door achieved a rating of 600Pa and also achieved a Class 4 (the highest possible) rating for resistance to the ingress of air and 2,400Pa and 3,600Pa respectively for wind resistance and safety factors.

Each of these higher than normal performance ratings is due to the door’s patented sealing system which in turn provides higher than normal security due to the system’s anti-lifting capability. The high level of security achieved is further enhanced by the incorporation of multiple locking points throughout the door assembly to provide maximum resistance to forced entry. A key opening facility is also a standard feature of the door.

The Universal patio door features mechanical joints throughout to impart increased strength and rigidity and to provide further resistance to the ingress of water and air. The door also incorporates tandem stainless steel rollers operating within a stainless steel track to enhance the doors opening and closing functions. It will accommodate glass panels up to a thickness of 28mm and includes trickle ventilation as an optional design feature.

Universal Aluminium Systems