MP’s office emits 537 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year according to new figures

The Westminster office for MP’s has seen a 17% drop in its carbon dioxide usage in the last four years, new figures have revealed.

Portcullis House

A parliamentary answer last month revealed that the building led to emissions of 537 tonnes of carbon dioxide for 2006-2007, down from 652 in 2003-2004. The scheme, designed by architect Hopkins Architects and completed in 2000 and targeted an annual usage of 750 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The parliamentary answer added that all electricity consumed on the parliamentary estate “has come from renewable sources since 1 February” of this year which has contributed to the drop in the building’s footprint for the past year. The scheme was designed to use passive design measure to control the heat as well as cooling via groundwater extracted from two boreholes sunk into the chalk aquifer below.

For the full figures on the building’s performance and the parliamentary answer go to Zerochampion