For your education, a range of smart new products to give today's youngsters a stylish place to study. Plus, how good design can help tame those naughty kids
Safe glazing on Kent primary school
Velfac glazing features extensively in a two-storey extension to St John's Church of England Primary School in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The composite glazing features a timber finish inside and an aluminium exterior, which architect Peter Dye of Hazle McCormack Young says makes the windows easy to maintain. The large, square-framed, top-hung windows have slim frames, which Velfac says lets in the maximum amount of light. Limiting stays are fitted to all opening windows to prevent children falling from heights.
Velfac 600

Non-slip flooring
Marley's Safetred Universal flooring has been fitted at Tupton Hall PFI school near Chesterfield, Derbyshire. The 3 000 sq m of slip-resistant flooring was specified in toilets, kitchens and laboratories. Marley Floors says the flooring's mix of silicon carbide, granite and flint granules gives it good durability and high slip resistance. Subcontractor Russell Flooring said it was also attracted to Safetred because of its competitive price.
Marley Floors 601

Recessed and surface-mounted luminaires
Cooper Lighting and Security has introduced a new range of Crompton Lighting recessed and surface-mounted luminaires. Each luminaire comes with lamps and louvres already fitted, which Cooper says saves time in ordering different parts and assembling them on site. The first products in the range are the Modulay Contract recessed luminaire and the Chevin Contract surface luminaire.
Cooper Lighting and Security 602

Timber-framed Sunderland school
The Paneltherm timber-based building system from Timber Frame Solutions has been used to construct a new £2.7m building for Grangetown Primary School in Sunderland. The original specification for a steel frame with a brick and block envelope was changed to a timber-frame design proposed by main contractor Dorin Construction. The one-storey main school building and a community centre were clad with brickwork on the lower level and cedar boarding on the upper level. TFS also produced the 89 mm stud internal walls, which were enclosed in plasterboard, and erected the timber truss roof.
Timber Frame Solutions 603

Grubby-finger-proof switches
Hamilton Litestat has launched a new range of light switches, sockets and fuse connection boxes. The surface-mounted Metalclad range is manufactured using coated steel, to make them easier to clean. The Metalclad range includes one-to-three gang 10 amp switches, four variants of 13 amp connection units, and two types of 20 amp double-pole switches. Hamilton Litestat says the Metalclad products comply with all British and European Quality Standards. The company plans to extend the range in the future.
Hamilton Litestat 604

Corridors with a twist
Thomas Vale Construction has specified Fermacell drylining on its curved corridors in the new learning centre at Sutton Coldfield College. The contractor says that Fermacell was chosen because of its durability and its acoustic properties. The college building includes staff rooms, tutorial rooms, reception and lobby areas as well as lifts, toilets and classrooms. Fermacell is made of solid gypsum mixed with a reinforcing matrix of cellulose fibres sourced from recycled paper.
Fermacell 610

Fire collars for flame-proof science labs
Vulcathene has added Unicollar fire collars to its chemical drainage system. Unicollar is designed to protect Vulcathene pipes that pass through fire-rated walls and floors. The system is supplied in continuous strip form, cut to length and attached using ready-made clips which fit into pre-punched slots in the strip. Unicollar is approved to BS476 and DIN 4102. Vulcathene is purpose-designed for laboratory applications such as those found in schools and hospitals.
Durapipe 611

Rainscreen keeps Rotherham pupils dry
Rotherham council has used Dollken Stonechip Cladding to create a rainscreen for the existing Wales school in Rotherham, built using the Clasp building system. Dollken was specified as a cost-effective waterproof treatment for the concrete panels, which were leaking because of failing seals. The cladding is produced from cellular foam thermoplastic with natural stone aggregate embedded in the surface. Panels are mounted vertically on a latticework of treated wooden battens.
KR Plastics 612

Scotland's £5m modular primary school
The new Our Lady of Lourdes School in East Kilbride is being constructed using Yorkon's factory-built modular units. Yorkon claims that the £5m school is the first to be built using off-site construction. It will contain 16 classrooms, a glazed entrance, nursery, main hall and dining room for 500 pupils. The new building is being built alongside the existing school, which will be demolished once the pupils move in. The school is using 84 steel-frame modules up to 14 m long and weighing up to 8.5 tonnes, manufactured and craned into position in two weeks.
Yorkon 613

Flush steel and timber doors
Wright Style has launched a range of flush steel and timber doors. The hollow metal steel "Md" and solid timber "Td" doors are supplied fully fabricated and finished. Wright Style says they are suited for major projects where large quantities are required. The Md door range offers up to four hours' fire resistance in both steel and stainless steel. The Td doors suit non-fire or fire-resistant applications of 30 and 60 minutes, according to Wright.
Wright Style 614

Cavity floors keep cables out of reach
Lafarge has launched the Gyvlon Cavity Floor system, which features Howe Green floor access hatches. The system uses a platform of steel trays to form an underfloor cavity between 50 mm and 600 mm deep, covered with Lafarge Gyvlon anhydrite screed to form the floor. Access to underfloor services is via Howe Green floor hatches. Howe Green says the system is particularly suitable for schools.
Howe Green 615

Primary coloured louvres in Havant
Gooding Aluminium's Performance Series 5000 alloy louvre panels have been specified for external use on machinery and plant room doors at Warren Park Primary School in Havant. The louvre panels were powder coated for durability, and then fitted into bespoke apertures to screen, protect and allow ventilation to various rooms. Gooding Aluminium also publishes The Really Useful GA Handbook which carries information on products, services and designs.
Gooding Aluminium 616

What’s the spec?

Classroom of the Future, Bedfordshire This steel-framed extension to the Sandy Upper Schools in Bedfordshire is one of three projects, , that won grants under the Department for Education and Skills’ Classrooms for the Future initiative. Designed by architect Sergison Bates, the extension completes the fourth side of an existing courtyard and is used for music, drama and sport. To fit the building into the landscape, Sergison Bates included a sedum glass roof and used timber cladding. Where the roof cantilevers to form a sheltered external space, the boarding is replaced by highly coloured panels of Douglas Fir plywood panelling. The teaching space is open plan, and can be used in a variety of ways by utilising sliding panels and curtain tracks. As well as providing the teaching spaces with natural light, the large roof lights also increase the internal volume of the classroom and reflect the design of the buildings nearby.

Project team
Client Bedfordshire council, Education Strategy Team
Architect Sergison Bates
Services engineer Arup
Contractor T&E Neville

Sedum green roof
Erisco Bauder 605

Photovoltaic installation
Solar Century 606

Standing seam lantern roofing
Kalzip 50/333 607

Timber opaque stain
Demi-Dekk by Jotun-Henry Clark 608

Hardwood timber cladding and decking
Morgan Timber 609