Almost three-quarters of public sector executives in the UK have said that a lack of funding and government ineffectiveness are the greatest obstacles facing infrastructure projects

The news, from a survey commissioned by accountant KPMG, comes despite billions of pounds of fiscal stimulus packages issued by the government.

Richard Threlfall, UK head of infrastructure and projects at KPMG, said: “This survey shows the frustration of the public sector in getting that money spent on the ground. We need to cut red tape to commit more money more quickly and power the economy back into strong growth.”

In total, 74% of the 65 local and central government officials questioned cited state ineffectiveness as the biggest barrier to delivering better infrastructure, 70% blamed a lack of funding, and 57% bemoaned a clash of cultures between the private and public sectors.

Threlfall added: “There is a clear opportunity for whoever forms the next government to address the structural weaknesses that impede project delivery by taking out layers of decision making and aligning the incentives of different public bodies to co-operate to get things done.”