Beaches have been closed owing to dangerous flowering algae

A red tide along the emirate’s coastline has caused the Dubai Municipality to close beaches near the Burj Al Arab and Umm Suqueim park. It is believed that the problem is the fact that toxic algae in the water has started flowering.

The blooms from the algae, microscopic plants known as phytoplankton, cause the sea to turn red and release poisons which may kill marine life and be dangerous to human beings.

While this is a natural phenomenon, human activity is thought to have exacerbated the problem. A report on said: “It is likely that human activities such as dredging, land reclamation and land filling are making the situation worse by increasing nutrient levels of the water by way of dust.”

Symptoms of algal bloom poisoning include nausea, irritated skin and eyes, gastrointestinal problems and fever.