Figures from inside and outside construction will look at how to improve sustainability in the industry

Leading industry figures are to head up a government-backed review on how to improve sustainability in construction.

The Green Construction Board, chaired by Mark Prisk, business minister, and Dan Labbad, Lend Lease chief executive, has appointed figures from inside and outside construction to look at how to boost construction’s green credentials.

Louise Ellison, head of sustainability at developer Quintain, will look into the possibility of introducing government backed incentives to increase the demand for green buildings as part of the review.

She said she wanted to find ways to stimulate demand for green buildings leading to an increase in their value.

Ellison said she was interested in looking into whether incentives should be targeted at those funding green development or at helping people purchase greener buildings, perhaps with mortgage assistance.

“Government led incentives are up for grabs,” she said.

Other appointments to the review include Paul Morrell, the government’s construction adviser; Paul King, chief executive of UK-GBC; Chris Newsome, director of asset management at Anglian Water; and George Martin from the Low Impact Building Centre.