Energyflo's developer is given £948,000 to help bring air-permeable dynamic insulation module to market

A revolutionary insulation material that can also deliver filtered ventilation air to buildings is now a step closer to being commercially available in the UK.

Environmental Building Partnership, which developed the insulation, has received £948,000 of funding to support the growth and expansion of its Dynamic Breathing Building products and systems.

The Scottish company's Energyflo cell, an air-permeable dynamic insulation module, replaces conventional thermal insulation layers in the external walls, roof and floor to deliver filtered ventilation air to indoor spaces.

As fresh air comes in it is preheated/cooled by the fabric heat that is normally lost, so that the energy needed for both heating and cooling any building is reduced while indoor air quality is improved, claims the company.

The funding to support the commercial growth and expansion of the Dynamic Breathing Building products range has come from Sigma Sustainable Energies Fund, Scottish Enterprise's Scottish Seed Fund, Marubeni (Europe) and Life IC.

The Energyflo cell has been extensively tested through field trials and a successful demonstration project that was supported by the Carbon Trust, and was awarded British Board of Agrèment (BBA) certification in August 2008.

The product is now undergoing field trials in the UAE and is being used in two UK projects, a social housing scheme in Orkney and a private development in Aberdeenshire.

Dr Mohammed Imbabi, chief technology officer with the company, said: “Our ground-breaking technology can hugely benefit all building users by cutting energy costs, reducing the carbon footprint and helping to address fuel poverty and security.”