Ucatt general secretary says new group would help address worker concerns on Olympic Park site

Ucatt general secretary Alan Ritchie has renewed calls for the creation of a ODA/union review group to tackle potential worker conflicts at the London Olympics.

In an interview with ITV's London Tonight programme Ritchie warned that work on the Olympic Park could be delayed if worker access to the car-free site was not properly planned.

He said that the review group would help identify these concerns and other issues such as biometric scanning for site workers.

Richie said: “UCATT is totally committed to ensuring that the Olympics are a complete success. This will only happen if a true partnership is created where unions and the Olympic Delivery Authority can sit down and resolve these kind of issues before they begin to cause delays and increase costs”.

A Memorandum of Agreement has been set out for the creation of a ODA/Trade Union Programme Review Group but this group has yet to meet.

In a forthcoming evidence session into the construction industry, a DBERR select committee will question members of the ODA.