Client DW Sports Fitness plans clubs in Milton Keynes, Canterbury, Poole and Ireland

Property and construction consultant Robinson Low Francis has been appointed QS on seven new health and fitness clubs for client DW Sports Fitness.

DW Sports Fitness plans seven new gyms across the UK and Northern Ireland

DW Sports is Wigan Athletic FC’s chair David Whelan’s new business venture, which bought 53 fitness clubs in a deal announced last year.

One of the first clubs to open will be in Milton Keynes.

Other contracts have been secured for a further five new and one refurbishment health club in Canterbury, Poole, Tunstall, Carlisle, Trafford and Bangor, Northern Ireland.

RLF will be responsible for the entire pre and post contract QS work for all seven locations.

Paul Chesworth, partner at RLF, said: “It has been exciting to assist DW Sports Fitness during such an important time for its business and we look forward to continuing our future relationship.”