Court rules that dangerous working practices led to death of owner Robert Sellick when building a dairy in 2005

The owner of a construction company was killed after being pinned between two concrete panels while building a dairy, Gloucester Crown Court heard.

Robert Sellick's firm, RNS Construction had been hired to construct a new milking parlour, slurry channels and a lagoon.

The accident occurred in October 2005, when Sellick was working on the floor of the milking-unit, and became trapped between two-tonne concrete slabs he had been maoeuvring into position. Resuscitation attempts failed and he died of internal injuries.

Speaking in court, the prosecution said Sellick had set up a dangerous work method which had put other workers at risk. Though he responsible for the accident, Sellick's company was still found to be liable for breaking health and safety law.

RNS, now run by the deceased's son, was fined £8,000 and ordered to pay £2,500 in costs, after admitted breaching health and safety regulations, for failing to provide a safe system of work and failing to ensure employee safety.