Swiss window and facade cleaning specialist to launch two machines this week that clean up to 15 times faster than humans

Robots are set to clean Dubai’s skyscrapers, following the launch of a new service in the emirate by Swiss window and facade cleaning specialist Serbot.

The robots are able to clean tall buildings up to 15 times faster than humans and in much higher winds than humans could safely manage, Serbot claims. It is launching two machines in Dubai this week, called Gekko and CleanAnt, each of which uses a “fall arrestor system”, combined with automatic cleaning technology and robotic engineering.

Serbot claims the robots are more sustainable than traditional cleaning methods because they can clean buildings without detergent. Bas Schmit Phiferons, Serbot’s business development manager, told “The robots can use dry ice, demineralised water or water with enzymes to eat away at the oils. They also can filter and recycle the used material to minimise waste.”

Gekko is disk-shaped and can clean at speeds of up to 400m2 an hour. It attaches itself through vacuum suction to the surface to be cleaned, whether vertical, horizontal or slanted. The robot then uses a windshield-wiper style brush to blast away dirt. It can tackle dust, mud and even oils, such as the residue from combustion engines, the manufacturer said.

CleanAnt is for buildings with odd shapes, common in Dubai. Schmit Phiferons: “Facade cleaning is difficult, expensive and dangerous. The CleanAnt does this work safely and reliably, whether automatically or radio-guided. Vertical or overhanging areas are not a problem for both robot systems. CleanAnt also overcomes concave and convex areas and obstacles and can work in heavy traffic areas.”

Click here for a video of the robot in action