New framework will allow for mulitple providers over five lots

Mark Robinson, chief executive officer of Scape Group

Mark Robinson

Scape Group has unveiled a £5.5bn contracting framework to replace its existing major works framework from May next year.

The four-year National Construction framework will have five lots allowing for multiple contractors instead of a single provider. The framework is also split into regional lots for the first time, with bidders able to win up to two of the three regional lots or one of the two UK-wide lots.

Willmott Dixon is the sole provider on the existing major works framework.

Scape chief executive Mark Robinson told Building the revamp represented a change in philosophy from the single provider model. He said: “Before we were quite strict on a single supplier philsophy but it got to a stage where that limited capacity.

“We now have 600 clients [for Scape frameworks]. More and more public authorities are turning to use frameworks. For example last month we had 19 new public sector clients - just in one month.”

Willmott Dixon has so far delivered 60 public sector projects through the existing major works framework, with 100 more currently in progress.

A series of market awareness events will take place between April and June 2016, with an OJEU notice for the new framework scheduled to be issued in June 2016. Successful bidders will then be announced in January 2017 with the framework becoming operational by May 2017.

Scape is also currently procuring a £350m consultancy framework. Robinson insisted Scape was not looking competing with the government’s own £2.9bn consultancy framework, which has also gone to market after major delays.

He said: “It’s really important that we build that relartionship with central government as we’re getting more and more central government clients. We’re not trying to compete with CCS in any way shape or form we’re trying to support them.”

The five lots within the National Construction Framework are:

  • UK-wide option for £50m-plus projects. Total value - £1.5bn.
  • UK-wide option for £10m-£50m projects. Total value - £1.5bn.
  • Regional option for £2m-£20m projects in England and Northern Ireland. Total value - £1.5bn.
  • Regional option for £2m-£20m projects in Scotland. Total value - £500m.
  • Regional option for £2m-£20m projects in Wales. Total value - £500m.