Finance secretary John Swinney announces £1.4m plan to bring together local authorities, NHS boards community planning partners

A new development of Scottish Futures Trust has been announced, aimed at linking communities together under the centralised framework.

The new initiative will be delivered first in south-east Scotland, under the management of the SFT, finance secretary John Swinney said.

The hub concept will bring together local authorities, NHS boards and other community planning partners to provide purpose-built premises. Two test hubs, initially in south-east Scotland and then the north of Scotland, will be supported by £1.4m from the Scottish government, in the aim of bringing public bodies together in joint programmes of infrastructure investment.

Swinney, who made the announcement during a parliamentary debate yesterday said: “Investment in Scotland's public service infrastructure provides both modern public services and jobs for the construction industry - vital in the current economic climate.”

He added: “Community hubs of this kind will demonstrate what SFT is capable of - more effective investment planning, procurement and delivery to reduce project costs.”

Public investment of £30m is being provided across Scotland, to secure new facilities such as new community health care.