Survey finds majority look for construction work online and just under half are job searching abroad

Online job boards seem to be the search option of choice for those looking for a career in construction, according to the latest Building survey.

Only 9% admitted to physically visiting job centres

Of the 100 students and graduates who took part in the online survey conducted in November entitled "Do you twitter for jobs", as many as 30% admitted that they mostly search for work on job sites such as Building4jobs.

About 22% browse through magazines and newspapers, but surprisingly only around 5% use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to network.

And, as few as 9% admitted to physically visiting job centres.

The majority of respondents said they look for work on a daily basis.

Just under half admitted to job searching abroad with 32% searching for work in Europe, 22% in the Middle East and 18% in Australasia.

The participants came from a variety of construction professions including surveying and architecture.