NHBC warns of problems arising from adverse UK weather

A report by the National House Building Council (NHBC) has highlighted widespread issues arising from the shoddy installation of solar panels.

The organisation’s research arm, the NHBC Foundation, said it had been alerted to a number of cases of roof leaks arising from poor workmanship.

The foundation said the UK’s combination of windy and wet weather threw up special considerations for the installation of solar panels.

Graham Perrior at the NHBC Foundation said: “Use of renewable energy technology is much advanced across parts of Europe, so there exists a tendency to follow instructions and examples set elsewhere.

“Unfortunately, the UK’s unique weather system requires a specific approach to installation.

“For example, the potential for prolonged periods of rain in conjunction with high winds is something that must be thoroughly considered to ensure satisfactory installation.

“Recent government initiatives, such as feed-in tariffs and the Renewable Heat Incentive are encouraging consumers to embrace renewable technology.

“However, while there is widespread enthusiasm for these initiatives, there is a gap in knowledge about the best way to install renewable technology on a domestic scale.”

The NHBC Foundation has published guidance to help installers avoid problems when installing panels. You can download this here.