A Liberal Democrat in Wokingham is hoping to overturn a Tory majority of just 260 - but is struggling against a distinct lack of resources.

I've been actively involved with the Liberal Democrats for many years but this year is my first time as a council candidate. I'm also one of the youngest candidates in the district and my party is hoping that I'll bring enthusiasm and dynamism to the campaign.

My target ward is typically Conservative and the incumbent councillor is defending a majority of 260. The Liberal Democrats used to hold this seat just two years ago so it is a natural target.

The response on the doorstep is very encouraging and often the issues of concern to most residents are locally focused such as anti-social behaviour, litter, local schools etc.

Unfortunately, pressures from other seats in the district have diverted our resources elsewhere. The Conservatives are aggressively targeting some of our senior members and it is all hands to the deck to defend these vulnerable seats.

The Conservatives in Wokingham have only lost one seat to the Liberal Democrats in six years so I'm hoping I'll be able to make it two!