Baxi has developed the Solarflo range of solar thermal domestic hot water systems which it claims can provide about 55% of the annual hot water needs of a typical home.

The system comprises solar collector panels, a hydraulic pump station and controller and a solar cylinder, which is available separately.

The flat plate collectors are incorporated into the roof structure, making them suitable for new-build developments or major roof refurbishments.

On-roof flat plate collectors are also available that are suitable for retrofit, and can also be used for flat roof mounting using an A-frame.

Baxi Solarflo direct flow evacuated tubes can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and are available with absorber areas of 2m2 and 3m2. The tubes are relatively low weight and can be assembled in situ.

The tubes are connected to the manifold with flexible necks to allow for safe expansion and contraction of joints and minor misalignments in assembly. The copper absorber and absorber plate avoid the potential of thermal shock or cracking and there is a thermostatically-controlled blending valve on the water outlet to guard against scalding.