Tile manufacturer Sandtoft says it will sell solar systems at zero profit in response to government cap on domestic renewable grants

Sandtoft has said that recent changes to the government's grant for domestic renewable technologies has made solar systems up to 60% more expensive for householders

Sandtoft solar panel system

The tile supplier believes the decision to reduce the maximum grant from £15,000 to £2,500 could jeopardise the growth of domestic renewable energy technologies such as solar thermal systems, photovoltaics, biomass boilers and wind turbines.

In response Sandtoft said that it would sell its solar panels at zero profit to make the technology more affordable.

Managing director Simon Oldridge said: “It is essential that the government and construction industry work together to make renewable energy solutions a genuine possibility for real homes and developments, not simply one-off eco-home projects for the wealthiest of households.”

The new cap for the grant was announced at the last budget at the same time as Gordon Brown announced a 50% increase in the fund to £19m.

Sandtoft’s solar products, which include photovoltaics and solar thermal systems, are supplied by its partner Solarcentury.