Wealthy young squatters plan to open their 'home' to the public to showcase their artwork

Well-heeled squatters are refusing to move from two six-storey mansions in Mayfair worth over £50m.

The former Mexican Embassy building was taken over three weeks ago by the six young artists, who have decorated the inside of the building, claiming it is an art project. They include a Cambridge graduate and the son of wealthy Russian composers.

The squatters claim they have improved the state of the building, cleaning it thoroughly. According to reports, the 25 rooms are now peppered with the latest mod cons, including computers.

Mayfair, the neighbourhood of the squatters' latest residence

The group have previously squatted in other locations in the UK capital, at Waterloo and Oxford Street, and are planning to open the doors of their latest home to the public from Friday until the end of September to showcase the art they have been working on inside.

The group's spokesman is one of the squatters, Dan Simon. He said: “Anyone can come. We'd love it if the owners came and had a look.”

Defendeding the group's decision to take over the building, Simon said: “It's been empty since 2004. We provide cost-free round-the-clock security and property maintenance. One of the wonderful things about our work is we pass on benefits to people. We do not see ourselves as squatters. We are pursuing a very real project.”