Wavin has enhanced its AquaCell stormwater management systems with the introduction of the AquaCell Plus. The unit is designed for use in extra deep installations or in conjunction with AquaCell Core and Lite to make it easy to inspect the installation with CCTV cameras

AquaCell Plus is the first time three complimentary units can be mixed and matched to deliver greater design flexibility. It can be used to create a temporary store for stormwater until local drainage flows can accept it, or to allow stormwater to infiltrate surrounding ground.

AquaCell Plus has been specifically designed to overcome lack of space, but with no restriction on depth – the same volume can now be achieved with a much smaller footprint. Its extra loading capacity of 65 tonnes/m2 enables installation at depths of up to 5.15m. The integral inspection channels in each unit enable easy viewing of the system via CCTV – something that is recommended at regular intervals and after major storms to give early warning of any potential problems caused by debris or silt build-up, says the company.