The winner earned this title by driving forward environmental change and preserving ancient heritage in Dubai

Winner: Rashad Mohammed Bukhash, director of Architectural Heritage Department, Dubai Municipality

Sustainability is about many things. Of course, it is about the environment, and making the most effective use of the world's natural resources. But sustainability is also about valuing cultural heritage, so that traditions spanning centuries are allowed to survive.

The work that Rashad Bukhash has done as director of the architectural heritage department at Dubai Municipality has made new some of the city’s ancient treasures. As Dubai continues to grow outwards and upwards, it can be easy to forget its history as an ancient trading post. Bukhash has done much to ensure that this is not ignored, renovating mosques at Al Shindagha, revitalising the Al Bastakiya area of the city and the souks of old Dubai.

Under the guidance of Bukhash, the Dubai Municipality has examined the way in which architects of old were able to build sustainably and use natural resources via such means as wind towers and passive shading when such modern innovations as air-conditioning were not even imaginable. This has allowed the municipality to research the use of green products and materials so that the city of Dubai can develop environmental standards as advanced as anywhere else in the world. Bukhash has also proved himself to be a leader in the field of greenfield development. In January, the Dubai Municipality announced plans to spend as much as Dh843m to add 113ha of greenery to the landscape of the city, including setting up 21 neighbourhood parks and six public parks. He is also the driving force behind the municipality’s intention to achieve 25m2 of greenery per capita by 2012, as much as 8% of the city’s area.

Davis Langdon
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