A union official at the Wembley national stadium project has claimed he was sacked from the site, and has begun grievance procedures.

Melvyn Moss, a convenor with the T&G, said he was taking action against his former employer, which was a subcontractor on the stadium project.

The reasons for his dismissal were not clear as Building went to press, and it is unclear who the subcontractor was.

A source close to the dispute said: “I understand it was Multiplex that was the driving force behind the decision.

“Melvyn was sacked by the subcontractor a few weeks ago, and is currently going through local grievance procedures. He has had a meeting and is appealing against the decision that has been made. If his appeal is not successful, I believe he will take further legal action.”

It is understood that Moss is continuing to work for the T&G across west London, a region that includes Wembley. This position is likely to bring him into further contact with the stadium.

Moss said he could not comment on the situation while grievance procedures were under way. Multiplex also refused to comment.

The Wembley project suffered a further problem this week when M&E contractor Phoenix Electrical was forced to return the main buzz bar for the project to its supplier. It is understood that Phoenix had not installed the bar, and that its replacement will not delay the completion of the project.

It also is understood that steelworkers on the Wembley project have missed three of the landmark targets agreed to drive forward completion of the project. A source close to the site said steel erectors had only hit three of the first six out of 21 targets.