Department for transport gives warm reception to private investment to replace cancelled projects

The UK’s business chiefs have called on the government to kick start the economy by allowing the private sector to press ahead with toll roads to replace schemes cancelled by the coalition government.

According to The Times the plans, which have been given a warm reception by the department for transport, could see two major infrastructure projects given the go-ahead.

The extension of the A14 from Felixstowe to the Midlands and the M6 toll road north of Birmingham to Manchester have both been singled out as opportunities to boost construction and alleviate transport bottlenecks.

In a statement the department for transport said: “We have ruled out tolling on existing roads. However, we would look at any proposals put forward by scheme sponsors that consider creating new capacity with private capital through tolling.”

The news comes as a new report by the CBI pinpoints infrastructure as one of the key factors stifling growth in the UK. The CBI has called for urgent action to upgrade the UK’s roads and rail networks, waste and energy sectors to make sure the UK remains competitive.

According to John Cridland, CBI Director-General, up to £60bn of private sector funding is waiting to be unlocked if the government introduces the right policies.