Disappointment at the government's Part L proposals, and a pragmatic approach about multi-foil and rotating towers

Plans to improve existing stock dropped from Part L proposals

All very well, and I'm not a fan of the Daily Mail, but unless properly funded, this would be a tax on those not rich enough to move to a bigger house. Greening housing is already pushing up build costs and keeping the poor from buying homes, if the govt are serious then they need to properly fund new measures.

Deja vu!! Precisely what happened last time with Part L 2006. All of the information leading up to the launch of the consultation points towards existing stock being the main problem, and yet they lack the balls to do anything about it. The CPA had some quite interesting proposals around how to implement consequential improvements, but now it looks as though the opportunity is lost for a few more years...

I think the government are more interested in plugging coal fuelled power stations than cutting C02 emissions.
Sheila Anderson

Insulation test ruling hits multi-foil producers

The final test will be energy use – are the predictions be borne out in practice? The sooner we get to routine testing and reporting of energy use the better.

The rotating towers go for a spin

How will the elevators or stair ways be fit for purpose if each level of the building can rotate independently???