Glasgow high-rise block used in Sony ad is destroyed in 10 seconds by controlled explosion

A Glasgow high-rise block of flats was demolished on Sunday morning. It took just under 10 seconds and less than 70 kg of explosives to blow up the tower block made famous by the Sony Bravia television advert which saw 70,000 litres of eco-friendly paint exploding across the building.

The demolition marks the latest step in the regeneration of the North Toryglen area.

Danny Bradley, Glasgow Housing Association assistant director of investment and regeneration, said: “The regeneration study ongoing at the moment involves consultants working with local tenants to see what they want for the area in the future. The findings of this study should help to regenerate the area and will have a positive impact upon the lives of our tenants.”

Built in 1968 and home to Simple Minds star Jim Kerr as well as local MSP Janis Hughes, the 23-storey building on Crossbank Road, Toryglen was reduced to 12,000 tonnes of rubble on Sunday morning. This will be recycled, crushed and graded to be used elsewhere.

GHA had approved the demolition back in June 2004, following extensive consultation with the local community, through the local housing organisation, Orchard Grove Housing Association which manages the stock on GHA’s behalf.

A team of workmen and Safedem explosives experts have been working for eight months preparing the building for the demolition.

Out of 132 flats, only 87 were occupied when GHA took the decision to demolish. Nearby residents were evacuated for health and safety reasons.

Margaret Brittain, Orchard Grove Housing Association community housing manager, said: "It is a very exciting time for us and we are eagerly awaiting the outcome of the independent Regeneration Development Study which will help us to lay plans that will transform the Toryglen area over the coming years."