Government training service boasts success in first two years, but calls on more employers to get involved

More than 12,000 companies from the construction industry have been involved in the government’s training service, Train to Gain, during its first two years of operating.

The training service, managed by the Learning and Skills Council, was set up to help employers tackle the urgent skills shortages in the UK, which was highlighted by the Leitch Review of Skills in December 2006.

In total one hundred thousand companies are involved in the service, but the government is calling on more employers to take advantage of the training service.

Chris Banks, chairman of the Learning and Skills Council, said: “Only two years in, Train to Gain is growing in momentum and helping us combat the skills deficit.”

There’s lots of work to be done if we’re to strengthen our economy, and compete globally

Chris Banks, Learning and Skills Council chairman

“We still need more businesses to get involved. There’s lots of work to be done if we’re to strengthen our economy, and compete globally.”

The scheme is designed to enable employers access to the impartial advice of a Train to Gain skills broker, who will then help to identify their skills needs, and source the best tailored training provider and any funding for which they may be eligible.

In December 2007, the government announced a £1bn expansion of Train to Gain to enable businesses to get involved in training at all levels, from gaining qualifications at basic skills, through to leadership and management training.