Economic benefits of £1bn resort outweigh environmental concerns

Donald Trump has won permission to go ahead with his plans for a £1bn golf course in Aberdeenshire.

The plans had to be put on hold for two years when the Scottish Government called them in after they were rejected by an Aberdeenshire Council Committee. The resort will feature two golf courses and accommodation though Trump has been told no more than 500 private homes can be built.

Speaking to Building magazine last month, Trump said he was waiting to hear back on the plans but that he was “not one to rush government” and that the site was “the greatest piece of property” he had ever seen.

Despite some criticism of Trump’s plans - SMP Patrick Harvies described the proposals that Americans should fly over to use the facilities in Scotland as “fundamentally flawed and unsustainable” – it has been decided that the economic benefits of the resort will boost the area.

But the Trump Organisation has been warned that it must ensure sand dunes and wildlife on the estate at Menie are protected.

Despite the planning approval, groups including Scottish Natural Heritage and RSPB Scotland still oppose the project because of plans to build part of a course on sand dunes.