Green body consults on the best way forward for legislating sustainable new buildings

The UK Green Building Council is seeking views on a planned Code for Sustainable Buildings, new legislation that would cover new non-domestic buildings.

The body is running an online consultation to seek views on a new standard, which would be a follow-up to the Code for Sustainable Homes. The three-week consultation will feed into three working groups on a) technical issues b) policy/regulation issues c) ‘business case’/value issues who in turn feed into the main core task group.

UKGBC chief executive Paul King said: "This goes to the heart of the question 'where now for green buildings?'. It's clear that there are some strong views out there and we want to hear as many as possible. Do we need a Code for Sustainable Buildings and if so what should it look like? How should this relate to the future direction of government policy and how do we increasingly make the business case for sustainable buildings?"

Members of the core group include: Bill Bolsover, Chief Executive, Aggregate Industries UK; Dr John Connaughton, Partner, Davis Langdon: Ian Coull, Chief Executive, Segro: Sunand Prasad, President, RIBA; and Ant Wilson, Business Unit Director, Faber Maunsell.

Questions the consultation will consider include:

  • How should the code interact with other sustainability tools, standards and aspirations?
  • What should the code be measuring and how?
  • What are the key elements of the policy and regulatory context in which the code must operate?
  • How can we demonstrate/create value in sustainable buildings and developments?
  • Who should own, operate, manage and pay for the code?