Northern Developments' £12m project will create energy efficient accommodation on current campus

The University of Sunderland, in partnership with student accommodation provider,, has announced plans to build a green student village.

The site, which will be known as The Forge – U Student Village, will be based at the current student campus, in Pallion, and will house 550 rooms, a shop and several social facilities.

The first phase of the project, to build the 249-bed Marr House, is already under way and will be available for occupancy in September 2010. Its second phase, the 303-bed Jopling House, will commence in August 2010 and open in September 2011. The village’s design and build is being undertaken by Northern Developments, a Carlisle-based firm.

The aim of the £12m project is to create energy efficient accommodation which is both modern and secure. Ian Gray, director of estates and facilities at the university, feels that the village will make for a “great student experience” and will lead to “future success” for both the University of Sunderland and

The Forge – U Student Village is part of an extensive £75m revamp program to rejuvenate the university campus, upgrade technical and social facilities, and landscape university buildings.

It is thought that the construction work will provide hundreds of jobs in the north.