Scottish and Southern Energy draws up new 18p per kWh pricing structure for householders to export energy from solar panels to the grid

Utility group Scottish and Southern Energy has developed a new tariff for householders and small businesses to sell back energy from PV panels to the grid.

The new price of 18p per kilowatt hour of power exported is part of a package called ‘solar energyplus and will see SSE combine the price it pays for the renewable Obligation Certificates associated with solar power and the price it pays for power itself.

The 18p price will mean a householder or small business generating 2,210 kWh of power a year (the average production of a household pv system in the UK) will earn around £200 a year if it exports 50% of the total power generated. For customers who export the majority of their generation, SSE believes this will be the best export tariff in the market. The more energy efficient the property, the more electricity will be exported to the grid thus offering further return for solar exporters.

Ian Marchant, chief executive of SSE, said: "This is another important step forward in the development of our interests in solar power. We are now offering solar power generators a simple pricing structure which represents real value for all concerned. I hope that it helps encourage further investment in solar power, which can play a growing and significant part in meeting the UK’s energy needs."

Solarcentury backing

The move was praised by renewable outfit Solarcentury. Chief executive Jeremy Leggett said: "In improving the financial case for solar, SSE now provides a market leading service in this country. We applaud their foresight and generous support for the micro-generation sector, as photovoltaics becomes a crucial element in delivering a low carbon future. The new tariff not only sets a precedent for other electricity suppliers, but is essential for the commercial success of a decentralised energy market."